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Sunday July 30, 2023

Today’s message is “Covered in His Grace” The Ways of Grace. Pastor Jon preached from John 1:1-18 and Titus 2:1-15. God provides His Grace – that free undeserved gift, before we know Him as His children (Prevenient Grace), As we come to know Him (Justifying Grace) and after we accept His Salvation (Sanctifying Grace). God’s Grace is available always and forever. His Grace is there to cover us so that we do not get in the way. His Grace is there to empower us to do His work. His Grace is there to allow His light to shine through us for all the world to see. His Grace is there to empower us as His church to seek and save the lost while living for Christ as we strive for holiness.

"To Live for Christ is to strive for holiness and seek the lost."

Sunday July 23, 2023

“The Heart of the Church, Missions” is the message that God has prepared for us this week. This message is clear throughout The Bible. Matthew 28: 18-20 gives us the great commission to go out to the end of the earth and baptize in the name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Matthew 5: 1-16 tells us that we-God’s children are blessed in all situations when we are leaning on Him. Acts 1:7-8 shows us that we have the power of The Holy Spirit in us equipping us for the mission. 1st Peter 4:10-11 explains that we are to use the gifts we have been given by God to further His Kingdom. God has called us. God has given us the desire. God has equipped us. God has blessed up for His work. We are called, as a church to missions far away and local all with the goal of spreading the Gospel message so that He can save souls. We are the church. All of us can and should say every day. “Here I am Lord, it is I Lord. I have heard you calling. When you need me, I will go.”

"To Live for Christ is to strive for holiness and seek the lost."

Sunday July 16th, 2023

When you admit that you are a sinner, repent of your sins, accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as forgiveness for your sins, you are a child of God. The world says “You must make your own path. You must be in control to make your own happiness.” God says, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The key to living out being a child of God is surrender. Trusting in The Lord Jesus Christ and fully seeking His will for your life decisions is the only way to be truly free. It is counter intuitive to the world but when you put yourself aside and be a child of God, you will avoid the temptations of sin and debauchery. If you surrender control and live as a child of God, your life will be filled with light that will not let darkness enter in. When you surrender and be that child of God that you are, your life will be more of a reflection of the light of Jesus every day. Going against the world requires that first bit of faith all of the time that cannot be switched on and off. Walking with God as His child will create more craving for walking in the light and walking with Him. Surrender more and more each day. You were created for this!

"To Live for Christ is to strive for holiness and seek the lost."

Sunday July 9th, 2023

Pastor Jon Long’s sermon is titled “We Are Christ’s Church”. We may be called Damascus Methodist Church but we are Christ’s church no matter what we are called. Together we are called to seek the lost so that they may be saved by the free gift of Salvation made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We are called to spread the seeds with that Good news and let God The Holy Spirit reap the harvest. Along with this mission there will be changes to our style and approach. The message will never change. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God’s Word is true and we will never stray from it. We will find new ways to praise and worship our Holy Savior and we are excited to see what He has in store for us here at DMC.

"To Live for Christ is to strive for holiness and seek the lost."

Sunday July 2nd, 2023

Welcome Pastor Jon and Jenny Long for the first of many Sundays to come. Today is the first Sunday of The Damascus Methodist Church, a part of The Global Methodist Church denomination. As we begin our new beginning together let never forget that we stand on The Word of God. The Bible never changes and although we have left one Methodist denomination and joined with a new one, we will always continue to follow The Way of Jesus Christ. No Matter What! All are welcome here to Damascus Methodist Church and all will be loved in the name of Jesus Christ who came to seek and to save the lost.

"To Live for Christ is to strive for holiness and seek the lost."

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